HyperX Announces Faster Fury, Impact DDR4 Memory Products

Faster versions of HyperX’s Fury line of desktop and Impact line of mobile DDR4 memory have launched. The former climbs to speeds of 3,466MHz, while the latter now reaches 3,200MHz.

The last time Kingston’s performance brand, HyperX, touched its Fury line of memory products was early last year, when it released new colors, speeds, and kit configurations. A year has passed, though, and several of HyperX’s competitors have launched some DDR4 kits with truly staggering speeds. While the Fury line cooled down a bit, other companies' product lines were being updated with speedy new memory kits.

That’s probably why Kingston saw fit to update the Fury line with faster speeds. To be precise, 2,933MHz/CL17, 3,200MHz/CL18, and 3,466MHz/CL19 kits have been added to the lineup. A full breakdown of the DIMM and capacity combinations isn’t available yet, but we do know that the 3,466MHz kits will only be available in singles or pairs with DIMMs of 8GB and 16GB.

HyperX also updated the Impact line of notebook memory products. Corsair really pushed the boundaries of SO-DIMM speeds with its latest Vengeance kit, but HyperX isn’t aiming quite as high as its seafaring competitor. The fastest Impact kits are now 3,200MHz/CL20, but 2,933MHz/CL17 kits have also been added. Both speeds are only available in single or dual SO-DIMM kits with total capacities up to 32GB.

The Impact series is HyperX’s only line of SO-DIMM memory. Prior to the speed increase, the Fury line was the slowest of HyperX’s desktop memory products, sitting below the Savage and flagship Predator series. With the speed increase, however, the fastest Fury kits trump the fastest Savage kits. The 4,000MHZ/CL19 Predator kits do remain HyperX’s fastest memory, though.

Kingston hasn't revealed pricing or avilability for the new memory kits, nor has it updated its webpages for the Fury or Impact product lines.