HyperX Predator Ups the Ante With Up to DDR4-4600 RAM Kits

HyperX, the gaming division of Kingston Technology Inc., today released two new high-speed DDR4 kits from their Predator line with 2x 8GB DDR4-4266MHz and 4600MHz sets. According to HyperX, the new kits are designed to "offer predator DDR4 for the next generation of PC enthusiasts who want the best performance for their systems.”

As far as timings and voltage go on the new speedy sticks, both sets will use a CL19 latency with the 4266MHz sticks (HX442X19PB3K2/16) using 1.4V and the flagship 4600MHz kit (HX446C19PB3K2/16) to use 1.5V. The amount of voltage used is beyond what many are used to but still within tolerances for the platform/processors.

(Image credit: HyperX)

The new 4266Mhz SKUs still follow the Predator theme with a black heat spreader and PCB, along with the HyperX naming emblazoned across the middle the heat sink in white. This particular model doesn't have RGB LEDs, but they are available with sticks up to 4000MHz.

All HyperX modules are said to go through a “rigorous" test procedure for XMP certification. Just be sure your motherboard and the CPU’s IMC (integrated memory controller) are able to handle the high speeds. Though HyperX said the new RAM kits are compatible with AMD CPUs, users will be hard pressed to find any current Ryzen CPU on the market that can support such high speeds. 

According to HyperX's announcement, the new kits are currently available through HyperX’s network of retail and e-tail outlets; although, prices weren't immediately provided. Due to the high speeds, we can expect a premium on these sticks, perhaps eclipsing the $250 mark as we have seen with the company's DDR4-4000 RGB kit.

Joe Shields
Motherboard Reviewer

Joe Shields is a Freelance writer for Tom’s Hardware US. He reviews motherboards.