HyperX Drops New Pudding Keycaps to Trip Out RGB Keyboards

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RGB is a controversial topic; you either love it or you hate it. Still, RGB has all but taken over the gaming keyboard world, with every option on our Best Gaming Keyboards page offering the ability to drench its keys in multi-colored lights. HyperX embraced the rainbow even more today, releasing its second set of pudding keycaps that make RGB look even more intense (or gaudy depending on who you ask).

Available for $25, HyperX made the pudding keycaps with a double-shot injection process, which molds two pieces of plastic together. The bottom layer is a translucent white, allowing the LEDs' light to shine  through with less hindrance and a welcomed glow. 

HyperX's latest keyboard accessory will work with any keyboard using Cherry MX-style switch stems. They come either with black or white top layers. I opted for black because I thought it’d stand out more against the bottom white layer. In the end, the contrast created a trippy style with the black tops seemingly floating on a sea of RGB, reminding us how fun RGB can be.

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

The key puller included with the keycaps isn't the best, but it's much better than other free pullers thrown in with a purchase. It was easy to remove each keycap from a HyperX x Ducky One 2 Mini on the first try. That keyboard has HyperX switches but uses the same type of cross stem as Cherry MX switches. 

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

Because the keycaps are double-shot, the font also won't fade. HyperX paid extra attention to the font for its new caps -- seemingly the only real change over the previous gen -- giving them a bolder, all-caps design that arguably feels more gamer-like. The blocky vibe comes off a little robotic to me, but someone who wants their RGB to be extra powerful may very well appreciate this in your-face-font. My biggest complaint pertains to the single and double quotes button, which now has the symbols too close together compared to my original keycap.

The double-shot process also lends to a thicker keycap that's supposed to add durability and oil resistance, HyperX noted in its announcement.

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Like the prior generation released in 2019, HyperX's new pudding keycaps are PBT plastic. This is a more premium and durable plastic than ABS, although it'll still scratch if you use the puller incorrectly. PBT is also less slippery than ABS and more resistant to fingerprints. The HyperX x Ducky One 2 Mini I used to test out the keycaps already came with PBT keycaps from Ducky. Compared to the Duckys, HyperX's keycaps are slightly rougher as you can see if looking at the differing textures very closely. 

HyperX's pudding keycaps certainly made my keyboard's RGB more appealing. The One 2 Mini I used is a 60% keyboard, but each purchase includes enough pudding caps to feed a full-sized keyboard's RGB needs. 

HyperX hasn't announced any keyboards with its pudding keycaps pre-installed, but a rep told us to "stay tuned." 

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