Promotional Material for Core i9-9750H and Nvidia GTX 1650 Leaks

Photo (Image credit: Imgur)

Twitter user @momomo_us, known for finding and leaking hardware specifications and other materials, has linked an image on Imgur that highlights the Intel's next-generation high-end i9-9750H laptop CPU, as well as Nvidia's upcoming mid-range to low-end GTX 1650. This information comes from promotional posters made by MSI to advertise an upcoming GL63 laptop that features both the Core i9-9750H and the Nvidia GTX 1650.

According to MSI, the -9750H is about 28% faster than the current -8750H, and almost twice as fast as the quad-core -7700HQ, though it's not clear how MSI attained these figures. The percentages at the bottom of the document seem to compare the -7700HQ to the -9750H, saying the -7700HQ only has 50% of the cores and 45% of the performance.

Google Translate couldn't find a realistic translation for the 40% figure. Though Google Translate is not perfect, it does make sense that the -9750H will be an eight-core processor considering it's almost twice as fast as the quad-core -7700HQ, as well as being 28% faster than the six-core 8750H (eight cores is 33% more than six).

According to Google Translate, the GTX 1650 will replace the 1050 (no surprises there) but will be significantly faster. MSI reveals some 3DMark figures that claim the GTX 1650 scores 11294 points against the 1050's 7979 and the 1050Ti's 9114. MSI also says the GTX 1650 will provide 60 or more frames per second in games like Assassin's Creed, Fortnite, PUBG, and GTA V. The GTX 1650 will have 4 GB of VRAM, just like the mobile 1050, and its clock speed is 1395 MHz (MSI's promotional material doesn't specify if this is a sustained clock speed, base clock speed, or turbo clock speed).

Though MSI's posters do not specify a price, this new GL63 is sure to be expensive as it sports 16GB of RAM and a 512GB NVME SSD. With what is likely an eight-core processor and an entry-level GPU, it seems to be oriented at eSports players, streamers, and video editors that need high core count CPUs.

Matthew Connatser

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