IBM Lures Oracle Itanium Customers

After Oracle announced that its software will not be supporting Itanium anymore, and HP is fighting to get Oracle back, IBM has launched an aggressive advertising campaign that is going after Itanium customers.

IBM states that it will continue support for Itanium with its DB2 database system running on HP/UX. According to the campaign, more than 1000 customers using Oracle databases switched to DB2 and, of course, IBM does not miss to note that "morethan 1500 clients" switched to IBM's Power architecture from Oracle/Sun and HP. And, yes, Oracle software runs on IBM systems as well.

A switch of a database is a costly effort in time, money, resources and potentially heart surgery for the availability of a business. It's unlikely that switches will occur without extensive investigation, but Oracle's announcement to move away from Itanium questions the overall investment protection in Itanium processors, which could be a huge problem for HP and its HP/UX and billion-dollar services business.

It is an obvious move for IBM to lure Oracle on Itanium users to a Power/DB2 system. IBM claims that DB2 may incur only one-third of the cost of an Oracle database and may be more than 90 percent compatible.

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  • COLGeek
    Smart move by IBM to add to its customer base.
  • amk-aka-Phantom
    It's funny how the article mentions problems for everyone but Intel, who actually makes Itanium...
  • de5_Roy
    leave itanium, get interlagos and valencia, hp! :P