Inno3D iChill HerculeZ X3 Ultra to be Standalone GPU Cooler

The iChill HerculeZ X3 Ultra graphics card cooler first made an appearance in June for the appropriately named Inno3D GTX 780 HerculeZ X3 Ultra and is now being offered as a standalone "cooler kit" that is compatible with Nvidia GTX 770 and GTX 780 graphics cards.

The rather imposing cooler features an aluminum heat sink, five copper heat pipes, and three 90 mm PWM cooling fans that can be removed for easier cleaning and feature eleven "scythe blades."

Though Inno3D hasn't provided details on the iChill HerculeZ X3 Ultra cooler kit's pricing or availability, the company has confirmed that it will bundle in an aluminum backplate to provide your graphics card with additional support and prevent warping.

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  • okibrian
    The "iChill"? Come up with that on your own did ya? With the small 'i' too, nice.
  • Durandul
    Well, I'm guessing it's a hell of a lot cheaper than throwing together a water loop. But I love me some water loops.
  • mynith
    It's a nice cooler. Shame it's not as pretty as the reference design.
  • tuklap
    When and how much?