Inno3D fits the GTX 780 with a HerculeZ X3 Ultra Cooler

Inno3D is perhaps best known for equipping its graphics cards with the HerculeZ cooling system. The latest iteration of this is the HurculeZ 3 Ultra, which features three 90 mm PWM fans, a copper heat sink, and five heat pipes run through a 288 x 95 x 34 mm aluminum heat sink.

The cooler features a modular design that allows all three fans to be easily cleaned / replaced, a backplate to protect the PCB and prevent warping, and an “SLI optimized design” that features two side air holes for improved extra air intake.

With regards to performance, Inno3D hasn’t specified whether the graphics card features any changes to the clock rates, but has noted that it is rated for a maximum sound production of 42 dB and runs 22°C cooler than the reference GTX 780 while under load.

  • bartosz trzaska
  • 17seconds
    Nice, now if only they would sell Inno3D in the US.
  • boju
    Not sure if its the color but my first thought seeing that reminded me of the hovering aircraft carrier in Avengers.
  • Cons29
    i have their i-chill 670, and to be honest i have had/seen issues with inno3d in the past, but i like th review of their ichill 670 so i went for it. that cooler is a beast (though i dont like that it sports a blue pcb lol)
    as a comparison, i had a gtx 560ti twin frozr ii (i think its ii, not sure)
    and i play bf3 MP all the time, with the 560Ti my temp is 60-70+ celcius
    in the same room, with the 670 inno3d most of the time it hovers at 49-50! in a hot day it 54-55
    and its nice that it is easy to clean (which reminds me, i havent cleaned it once lol)
  • DarkSable
    Just once, I'd like to see a bare heatsink that has slots to put my own fans on it. Or even removable fans that I could replace.
  • laststop311
    triple slot,boooooooooo
  • spixel
    The inno3d iChill cards run crazy cool. It basically comes with a pre fitted arctic accelero xtreme.