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inXile Kickstarts 'Torment' RPG, Hits Funding in 6 Hours

Kickstarting games based off of classic, beloved videogames seems to be all the rage now for developers.

inXile Entertainment, the developers behind The Bard's Tale and Hunted: The Demon's Forge, is kickstarting yet another videogame after successfully raising almost $3 million for a Wasteland sequel. 

No, this Kickstarter isn't out of foolish ambition. The situation's quite the opposite, actually. Due to good planning, inXile's already managed to finish all the pre-production parts—the writing and the designing—of Wasteland 2. Now, with Wasteland 2 in actual development, the pre-production team can be rolled to working inXile's new Kickstarter project, dubbed Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Torment, set in Monte Cook's Kickstarted tabletop RPG world Numenera, follows in the tradition of Planescape Torment. It'll be a single player isometric—yes, isometric—RPG.

Still not convinced? Torment enlists plenty of Planescape vets, including Brian Fargo, Monte Cook, Colin McComb, and plenty of others.

inXile's only asking for $900K this fundraising round, though it managed to top that in a record-setting six hours. The developer was asking for less money for this project, simply because inXile had backup funding from The Bards Tale, which recently released on Android. Considering that at the time of this article, Torment's already raised almost $1.6 million, it might be safe to say that inXile probably won't be digging into any of that backup money.

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