Booth Fire Shuts Down Flash Memory Summit Show Floor

Update 3, 8/10/17, 9:45am PT: We visited the FMS show floor to check out the damage to Innodisk's booth, which you can see for yourself in the album above.

Update 2, 8/9/17, 10:35am PT: The FMS show floor is closed and will not re-open during the event. The official update is as follows: "The Exhibit Hall is closed for FMS2017 per the order of the Fire Marshall." We still don't know what caused the fire that shut the whole place down. 

Companies are still trying to hold meetings and briefings. The report from our man on the ground is that it's a bit chaotic. People are trying to meet in hotel rooms next door to the conference center, but there are only so many of those available.

Update, 8/8/17, 11:15pm PT: Innodisk reached out to Tom's Hardware to say that, according to officials, the company was not at fault for the fire. The cause is still either under investigation or has simply not yet been disclosed to the public. The FMS show floor remains closed until further notice.

Original article, 8/8/17, 12:20pm PT:

We expected some hot hardware at the Flash Memory Summit (FMS) in Santa Clara, CA, but not like this: A booth actually caught fire this morning.

We heard alarm bells in our room early in the morning; the alarms continued for at least three hours (thereby making sleep rather uncomfortable). Just an hour or so ago, we learned that the Innodisk booth was on fire on the showroom floor in the adjacent building--the Santa Clara Convention Center.

The booth is right next to Seagate, and many speculated early on that Seagate was to blame for the blaze. That's not the case, though, and the new Seagate SSDs are fine. The Innodisk gear, as you can see from the picture we grabbed, is not okay.

Fortunately, no people were injured as a result of the blaze. We don't yet know what started the fire, but an investigation is underway.

As a result of the conflagration, the show floor is temporarily closed. It's officially scheduled to reopen at 4pm PT, but we're expecting an announcement shortly, as well.

Chris Ramseyer
Chris Ramseyer is a Contributing Editor for Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews consumer storage.
  • dudmont
    Wonder if the fire smells like that fried I/O card I caused when I was boy? :/
  • rantoc
    Bet they were using an 7900x there ;)
  • kinggremlin
    20038669 said:
    Bet they were using an 7900x there ;)

    Irony being, it was probably a 7900x system being used by AMD to try and get some Vega FE SLI benchmark numbers.
  • Rob1C
    Another reason to have Water Cooling, self-extinguishing.
  • alextheblue
    Well I know who is winning the Hottest New Product award... Innotek with their "Flash Fire" SSD series.

    20039173 said:
    Another reason to have Water Cooling, self-extinguishing.
    Better opt for the upgraded 2+ gallon top-mounted reservoir. Wouldn't want the tiny amount of coolant in most watercooling loops to embarrass you when your rig bursts into flames, right?

    "Oh no, see, it caught fire, but I still came out looking good because it burned a hole in my reservoir and the resulting gush of coolant put the fire out."
  • derekullo
    Dan: Overclocked the 20 thread 7900x to 5 gigahertz and the system feels stable enough.
    Dan: Now to run a Prime95 Blend.
    Dan: "Clicks Start"
    Dan: See nothing bad happened. It even found a new prime in the first 3 seconds.
    Dan: Hmm what's that smell? It smells like burning silicon and cheap paper.
  • jtd871
    Innodisk has some really interesting products like VLP SO-DIMMS and interesting form-factor SSDs and memory. Hope insurance covers any losses.
  • JamesSneed
    Flash fire! :pt1cable:
  • smorizio
    did they hire miss doughtfire???
  • TMC3
    haha.. it was probably a Samsung Galaxy phone battery!