Intel Core i7-4770K Surfaces on Two Dutch Webstores

The tray version of highly anticipated flagship of Intel's next generation Haswell processors, the i7-4770k has surfaced on the webstore of two Dutch stores, MaxICT and TakeItNow. The Core i7-4770K is unsurprisingly currently out of stock and is priced at €330 ($424.88) on MaxICT and €350 ($450.63) on TakeItNow which is of course higher than its predecessor, i7-3770K that currently retails for €316 ($406.85) in the Netherlands.

It is anyone's guess as to whether this price represents confirmation that Haswell will retail with a higher retail cost or if the two stores have simply inflated the price due to the early release date.

The product pages further indicate that the Core i7-4770K is a socket 1150 processor and will have a standard clock of 3.5 GHz. Screengrabs from Hardware.Info.

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  • WoodyWoodpecker
    Who cares?
  • plasmastorm
    you commented....
  • alvine
    Ill stick with my 2550k for a while I guess
  • anxiousinfusion
    Does this mean that US retail price will be
  • devBunny
    Lol. At the very least, the people who were asking about the price in the review thread comments. ;o)
  • Murissokah
    It's been a long time since I have seen any reason to upgrade your processor. Anyone with a 2500k or above is quite confortable already. This may be a great CPU, but will not be a game changer. At least Intel is being reasonable in not changing the socket platform. It would be very hard to justify a motherboard+CPU upgrade with no major improvement.
  • mt2e
    2700k here, have not seen any reason to upgrade to Ivy or even Haswell, a what 10% performance jump each generation and no other real noticable upsides.

  • LukeCWM
    Actually, as closely as I've been excitedly following the innovations behind Haswell, I'm not sure I care about this news either. You can't actually order them yet, these e-tailers don't actually have them, and the prices are almost certainly going to be inaccurate to the final release price. I think a more accurate price prediction would be the current going rate for the i7-3770k +$10-30.

    Even though I stated the reasons not to find this interesting above, I suppose it is just one further sign that Haswell actually exists and will actually be sold. Maybe that excites some people, but Intel is pretty reliable about releasing the products they have developed, especially in this market segment. :)
  • aoneone
    I have a 3770K and I'm very jealous... is it worth buying a new motherboard and cpu ? Ugh...
  • Memnarchon
    Hmmm this look like a HUGE upgrade from my Q6600 :P. I hope this time this will not be solderless (already delayed the upgrade from Ivy to Haswell cause of this)... -.-