ARM: Intel Cannot Match Us in Power Consumption

Just ahead of the opening of the Fall Intel Developer Forum, ARM popped up in the news with a note that Intel still has work to do to improve the power consumption of its smartphone processors. It is a rather short note, but it is a reiteration of ARM's message that Intel cannot quite match ARM's architecture as far as power consumption is concerned.

This time, it is ARM's vice president of marketing and strategy, Noel Hurley, quoted by Digitimes as saying Intel's only advantage at this time is its huge monetary backing, while ARM has to rely on an armada of ARM chip makers to compete with Intel, including Qualcomm, Nvidia, and Texas Instruments.

Intel has its first smartphone processor out, the Z2460, but it would be an exaggeration to describe the processor as a chip that got Intel's foot into the door to the smartphone market. So far, it may not be much more than a beachhead that, however, showed that Intel can crank out capable silicon in relatively short time. In the past, Intel has always been most successful when it was under pressure and the 22 nm product generation of the Atom SoC will be the first serious indicator how competitive Intel will be in the smartphone processor market.

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  • mayankleoboy1
    Intel : ARM can not match us in performance.
  • amk-aka-Phantom
    Intel: ARM can not match us in profits.


    But seriously, watch out, ARM, Intel has so much money and R&D capability it can force its way into any market it wants to. Who's heard of Ultrabooks a year ago? ;)
  • lilotimz
    Although ARM is to be praised with their very low power SoC's... the hell is TSMC, Qualcaum, Samsung, etc going to do against Intel Fabs? Intel are already working on sub 10nm processor designs (probably even working designs too). Meanwhile ARM SoC makers are just starting to utilize 28nm/32nm technology (mind you intel is already on 22nm)...

    I wonder how long it'll take for intel to say "NOPE" ...
  • chewy1963
    Intel: ARM cannot match us (period).
  • aicom
    We'll see what ARM thinks when Intel brings out the Haswell 10W chips. Broadwell could really change the game when it integrates the PCH.
  • doive1231
    Intel: ARM cannot match us in arms.
  • kartu
    My pocket calculator: "Arm cannot match me in power consumption!"

    But seriously, what are the performance/watt numbers for those?
  • tomfreak
    now All we need is the day where I can buy a wifi USB combo keyboard/mouse and plug the phone video output to TV via HDMI, use my phone as a desktop web PC/play half-life 1/starcraft 1 like a boss.
  • greghome
    AMD : Intel and ARM can't match us in numbers of COARS!!!!!

  • joytech22
    They may "only" have a "Huge monetary backing" but boy are they are going to use it.
    At least it's going to put some pressure on development.