Intel 'Bloomfield' CPU Pricing Reveals Pleasant Surprise

In order to speed up adoption of quad-core CPUs, Intel is planning to offer its upcoming 3.2GHz Extreme series Bloomfield processor at $999 in thousand-unit tray quantities, US$500 cheaper compared to the current top-end Core 2 Extreme QX9770 which sells at $1499, according to sources at motherboard makers. In the past, Intel had always priced its flagship Extreme model at $999, but recent product launches saw the company abandon its traditional pricing scale, and introduce even steeper prices.

More here at Digitimes.

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  • cah027
    Well lets hope the ones that most of us get (non-"Extreme") are priced nice as well.
  • grieve
    haha, a little hard to get excited over a $999 processor.

    If they said the Q6600 is going to by $100 i would be impressed and everyone and there dog would have a minimum Q6600
  • aevm
    Yeah, right, go ahead and sell $999 CPUs in the current economy, nice try Intel. This won't speed up adoption of quad-core CPUs that much.