Intel's Linux-based Moblin 2.0 OS Goes Open Beta

While most eyes are looking at Windows 7 and how it performs on today’s netbooks, Intel has its own ideas for the future OS for Atom-powered machines.

Intel has been working on its own Linux-based OS that’s aimed specifically for machines powered using its Atom processor. It’s meant to be a lightweight OS that performs all the functions a netbook user expects while cutting out all the fat of a full-featured OS meant for laptops and desktops.

We talked about Moblin before when it was in alpha form, but this week Intel has released a much-improved version as part of a public beta. It’s best summarized in the video below:


Moblin 2.0 Netbook Beta Introduction

Get the full details and download links to the image file here.

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  • leafblower29
    If it can run firefox, Email, and openoffice ill use it.
  • fuser
    Looks pretty complete for most users who will be stuck with a netbook.
  • Greatwalrus
    Sweet!!! I am really liking what Intel is doing here. For at least three reasons: 1) they are developing a very nice, useful operating system with their own unique applications, 2) it is Linux-based :), and 3) partly because of #2, it will be an inexpensive alternative.

    I'm going to download it now and see if it will run in a virtual machine for me.