Intel Phases Out Most Remaining Mobile Sandy Bridge CPUs

With the elimination of the Core i5-2537M and i5-2557M, Intel is canceling all of its available i5 ULV CPUs. The i7-2637M, i7-2677M, i7-2760QM, i7-2860QM and it-2960XM follow suit and cut down the available mobile Sandy Bridge processors to just four models, the i7-2640M, i7-2620M, i5-2540M, and i5-2520M, if our records are right. We would expect these models to receive discontinuance announcements in the near future as well.

According to an Intel product change notification, the affected processors will remain available for order until July 11, 2013. The last shipment is dated for January 14, 2014.

Also included in the product cuts are Sandy Bridge-based mobile Celerons: The models 787, 797, 867, 867 and B710 can be ordered until July 11, 2013 and will ship January 2014.

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  • superepicgecko
    Possible typo in the part detailing the discontinued Celerons.

    "The models 787, 797, 867, 867 and B710 can be ordered until July 11, 2013 and will ship January 2014."

    867 appears twice? Although if Intel actually named two CPUs the same thing I wouldn't be surprised.
  • anxiousinfusion
    I'm amazed that any Sandy Bridge processor is still on the market.
  • neon neophyte
    amazed? i like sandybridge more than i like ivybridge for desktops
  • taizun
    I'm amazed by the fact that you're not under a rock.
  • neon, the subject is about mobile. As for Sandy Bridge, it was a great product, but it is end of life. Haswell will be out soon and we'll have forgotten about Sandy Bridge altogether.
  • warezme
    It was bound to happen I just didn't think it would be this quick. My Alienware m17x R3 which I bought with the fastest QM available at that time, a 2860QM is extremely fast and I figured would be around for some time. When the Ivy Bridge chips came out I wasn't all that impressed since aside from a small performance bump in comparison to the Sandybridge, the only thing they had going was the improved GPU, which I didn't care about since the m17x R3 came with a GTX580M. Ivybridge really wasn't much of an improvement to any one wanting high performance since an improved built in GPU still doesn't make sense for high end gaming. Haswell doesn't look to be much better either except for the general public, they may get a built in graphics that is finally capable of last generation console gaming. Without competition from AMD, Intel will drag their ass on true performance increases and limit your choices while raising their prices.
  • m32
    ^ Calm down.....
  • Intel is just selling what consumers are wanting. Consumers want fast, but they want that fast in a small form factor. Therefore, Intel must keep performance up, while reducing the power, the cooling needs, and integrating more motherboard parts into the CPU. Haswell accomplishes that along with improving multithreaded programming and GUI performance. So, no, I doubt it is much faster, but you can get that speed in a better package. That is what consumers want. Blame the consumer not Intel. Intel is trying to make money. What company isn't?
  • merikafyeah
    iknowhowtofixitThis article is almost newsworthy, but not quite...Way more newsworthy than anything related to crapple.