Intel Expected to Drop SSD Prices in August

Rumors suggest that Intel is throwing the SSD 320, SSD 330, and SSD 520 series into the ring with price reductions of up to 38 percent. According to VR-Zone, the price changes do not affect most lower-capacity models of the SSD 320 series. Instead, the 300 GB and 600 GB models will come down from $519 to $464 in retail wrapping ($499 to $444 for OEMs). The 600 GB model is predicted to slide from $1,059 to $879 (retail) and from $1,039 to $859 (OEM).

If VR-Zone is right, then Intel will be applying the deepest cuts to the 520 series, which will fall from 9 percent (60 GB model, down to $99 retail) to 37.7 percent (480 GB, down to $594 retail). There is also a note that the 330 series will see steep cuts as well the 60 GB model will decline 26.5 percent to $69, and the 120 GB version by 30.2 percent to $104. The 180 GB flagship will fall by 34.1 percent to $154.

  • nukemaster
    Worth the wait.

    All SSD's seem to be getting cheaper :)
  • zzz_b
    I want to see $0.25/GB prices for these SSD's. I still have to wait a while :(
  • maqsabre
    so prices of ssds' are gonna fall soon
  • lashabane
    zzz_bI want to see $0.25/GB prices for these SSD's. I still have to wait a whileI got my Crucial M4 for ~$1/GB and absolutely love it. I think they're well worth the price at this point and if they get to $0.25/GB any time soon, I'm going to have to snatch another up for some sweet RAID action.
  • tupz
    Awesome! I can't freaking wait.
  • dragonsqrrl
    I recently purchased a 240GB SSD520 for $320 with a $100 MIR, but it probably still would've been worth it to wait since these upcoming drives will be nearly the same price and will probably provide hardware revisions for the AES 256bit bug.
  • neoverdugo
    I will not take a look until ALL SSDs are at an equal price range as the typical HDDs. 50 bucks price drop on 300 GB? Screw that! I want an 240-320GB SSD at 100 dollars, that's an 80% price drop.
  • phate
    Or I could just buy a 512gb M4 for $400 bucks today...
  • pharoahhalfdead
    Crucial M4 512gb cost me $350 on new egg a few weeks ago. I already had a 240gb ssd that I got on sale for $330 last year, but I wanted to put all my games on one SSD as well as have enough room for my Adobe products. True, the prices aren't at the same level as HDDs but since HDDs might not go down for a while, SSDs were a good investment for me.
  • nocteratus
    At the same time as Windows 8 and ultrabooks are coming out.