Intel Announces Core i5, Core i7 With vPro

Businesses looking to upgrade to the latest 32nm Intel CPU technology will be pleased to know that Intel today rolled out its fourth generation of vPro-enabled Core i5 and Core i7 chips.

Key features of vPro include Intel Anti-Theft Technology, which frustrates thieves by locking access to a PC if a central server or built-in intelligence concludes it is lost or stolen. New Intel Anti-Theft Technology version 2.0 enables encryption solutions to disable access to cryptographic keys through hardware to completely block access to data, and also makes it simpler to reactivate a PC once in rightful hands. Also, a custom message can be displayed in a pre-OS screen of the disabled PC for anyone who tries to access the computer.

vPro also packs a new Intel Keyboard-Video-Mouse Remote Control (KVM Remote Control), features available with dual-core Intel Core i5 and i7 vPro processors work in conjunction with Intel integrated graphics, bringing a stop to IT administrators' frustration with having to ask users, "What do you see?" Instead, they will see users' displays just as the users do and have full control of the PC, even if the operating system is inoperative. Previously, KVM functionality required appliances that cost as much as $200 and more per PC.

"Businesses, particularly those that haven't purchased PCs for several years, face a computing environment that no longer handles the applications many workers and IT are adopting," said Rick Echevarria, vice president, Intel Architecture Group, and general manager, Business Client Platform Division. "The integration of intelligent performance along with smart security and cost-saving manageability features in the Intel Core vPro processor family provide IT and SMBs a no-compromise platform. We also are excited about how Intel vPro Technology gives IT the flexibility to look at client virtualization, consumerization and rich cloud applications."

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  • loomis86
    Great. Now someone has the power to lock you out of your own computer...remotely...and without tinkering with the software. Coming soon to a computer near you.
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  • p1n3apqlexpr3ss
    Damn... was looking to see some desktop mainstream CPUs not server ones... oh wells
  • Shadow703793
    "What do you see?" Instead, they will see users' displays just as the users do and have full control of the PC, even if the operating system is inoperative.

    lol. Why don't people just use TeamViewer?
  • Anonymous
    It's more big-brother-ware than anything else. It doesn't stop thieves from taking out the hard-drive if IT folk were actually concerned about the data. Combined with the fact that if it's encrypted at all, it's probably encrypted with crappy EFS, vPro does nothing to actually protect the data. Locking the laptop isn't a sufficient deterrent, and it's not going to bring the laptop back either, it will quickly find it's way into a dumpster if it stops working.

    I'd even go as far to say that this is probably present in the non-corporate editions.