Internet Archive stores 40 billion web pages

Storage provider Capricorn said that it has installed a total of 1.5 PetaByte (PByte) of storage space for the Internet Archive , best known for its "Wayback Machine". According to the Internet Archive, the organization currently stores about 40 billion web pages on its servers.

Capricorn said it recently completed a shipment of a 1 PByte (1,048,576 GByte) storage system that compares to over 600 clustered storage computers with 2500 spinning disks. Named "PetaBox", the system consumes about 50 kilowatts of power per PByte.

Pricing of the system has not been announced. However, Capricorn said "published" pricing is "less than $2" per GByte. This translates to about $3 million for the 1.5 PByte storage system. (THG)

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