It's Refresh Time For Intel's Gemini Lake CPUs

Intel Pentium Silver and Celeron Chip

Intel Pentium Silver and Celeron Chip (Image credit: Intel)

FanlessTech, the source for news on miniature PCs, has published the purported specifications for Intel's Gemini Lake Refresh (GLK-R) processors. The refreshed chips are rumored to come out next November, and you'll probably start to find them in budget and low-power desktops and laptops.

The original Gemini Lake (GLK) chips are built on Intel's 14nm process node and feature the chipmaker's Goldmont Plus microarchitecture. Gemini Lake Refresh will most likely follow suit, but we do expect the new processors to arrive with higher clock speeds.

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ModelCores / ThreadsBase / Boost (GHz)Cache (MB)TDP (W)
Pentium Silver J5040*4 / 42.0 / 3.2410
Pentium Silver J50054 / 41.5 / 2.8410
Celeron J4125*4 / 42.0 / 2.7410
Celeron J41054 / 41.5 / 2.5410
Celeron J4025*2 / 22.0 / 2.9410
Celeron J40052 / 22.0 / 2.7410
Pentium Silver N5030*4 / 41.1 / 3.146
Pentium Silver N50004 / 41.1 / 2.746
Celeron N4120*4 / 41.1 / 2.646
Celeron N41004 / 41.1 / 2.446
Celeron N4020*2 / 2 1.1 / 2.846
Celeron N40002 / 21.1 / 2.646

*Specifications are unconfirmed.

The Pentium Silver J5040 and Celeron J4125 exhibit 500 MHz higher base clock and 400 MHz and 200 MHz higher boost clocks, respectively, in comparison to their antecessors. The Celeron J4025 only shows a 200 MHz boost clock upgrade. 

In regards to the 6W models, they seem to have the same base clocks of the previous generation. The Pentium Silver N5030 boasts a 400 MHz boost clock increase while the Celeron N4120 and Celeron N4020 upgrades are limited to 200 MHz.

The amount of cache should be the same 4MB across all Gemini Lake Refresh models. Since FanlessTech didn't share the specifications for the processors' iGPUs, we're uncertain if they will also get beefed up by Intel. Our hunch says yes, but we'll have to wait until Intel formally launches Gemini Lake Refresh to really be sure.

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