Avalanche Studios Details Patch 1.02 For 'Just Cause 3'

Two days after the game’s release, Avalanche Studios acknowledged the various technical issues plaguing Just Cause 3 but didn’t provide an exact release date, as the team was gathering more data before fixing any issues. Now, two weeks in, the team is ready to release another patch.

The patch notes list relatively few fixes, totaling only 132.1 MB. But it does contain “significantly improved loading times,” which is a welcome improvement. Every time you boot up the game, you have to go through two layers of loading screens before the main menu appears, but this fix should make it faster for you to get to destroying bases all over Medici.

Patch 1.02Significantly improved loading timesOptimizations to online stats General stability fixesFixed an issue related to challenges, wherein vehicles sometimes disappeared when starting a challengeFixed issues related to screen resizing and closing the game window before the game has fully started up [PC ONLY]

In addition to the patch, the team addressed a few concerns from players, such as skippable cutscenes (press B on the gamepad or hit the Skip button from the Pause menu) and the fact that Rico doesn’t crouch (they said that his aerial maneuvers are his cover mechanics). The lack of a sprint button was also an issue, but the team said that this was intentional, as it would force the player to use the grappling hook more often, in addition to the parachute and wingsuit.

When destroying a base, finding the last destructible object, or Chaos object, can be difficult amidst the ruins, and the lack of a minimap frustrated some players. The developers noted that you can open the map in a separate menu, which provides an approximate location for the remaining Chaos objects.

The patch will roll out first on PlayStation 4 and then to other consoles over the next two days. The PC version will have to wait a little longer, as it comes out on Friday.


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  • none12345
    The patch already came out on PC, at least it just downloaded on steam. However, i don't see any improvement to load times. Mabye its the fact that it was already pegging all 3 cores of my processor to 100% /shrug. Doesnt seem to change anything for me tho.
  • Jonathan_21
    3 cores = Amd = performance not gonna happen for your rig.