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Technical Issues Affecting 'Just Cause 3,' Devs Still Gathering Data Before Making Patch

Just Cause 3 has been out for a mere two days, but it’s more than enough time for players to see multiple technical issues within the game. The overwhelming complaints prompted a response from development team Avalanche Studios, which released a new blog post.

The developers thanked fans for buying the game and continuing to support the series but also acknowledged that they have noticed the various technical problems plaguing the game. With the game out for only two days, Avalanche Studios is still gathering all the data it can with as many issues as possible.

That being said, the developers did not set a date for an upcoming patch. Even with all the data pulled in, it will take some time to recreate the many scenarios that caused each issue and then create a fix for each problem. This will not be the first patch for the game, as a fix was released on November 27, for those who received an early copy of the game.

Customers can report their issues on the game’s Customer Support page, and the developers urge PC players to go to the game’s Steam forums to find fixes to a few issues in pinned posts.


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