A Star Wars Keyboard With LCD Touchpad

Thinkgeek is selling the keyboard, which includes a multi-touch screen an ten configurable tactile keys. According to the site, the track-panel can be set to either respond to direct gesture input or display interactive information. You can even outsource your IM chat to the display, preventing it from taking up valuable screen real estate on your main display.

The device was designed in keeping with "Star Wars themed aesthetics," and comes with gold-backlit key illumination. It even has a gamification item as players can unlock a "unique color crystal" that changes the lightsaber blade and blaster bolts in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

And yes, the keyboard has a price and it is not cheap at $260.

  • amuffin

    Might as well buy a better graphics card to play the game!
  • outlw6669
    Ugh. Flat, low stroke bubble keys.... on a $260 keyboard no less :pfff:
    This looks like it will feel terrible to type with and even worse to game with.
  • whimseh
    It actually looks awesome, too bad SWTOR sucks.
  • MrMakapuu
    Notice they call is "Star Wars" not "SWTOR" which it was meant to play with... Either razer or EA is really digging deep in order to get Tom's to get you to buy it... So sad... They put so much into that keyboard and so little into SWTOR after the fact...
  • monsta
    Great looking keyboard!
  • master_chen
    I have a facepalm the size of a Death Star right now.
  • nikorr
    Looks all right to me.
  • Hellbound
    Wait.. Doesn't Razer make this exact same keyboard? Why yes they do, and its $10 cheaper -> http://store.razerzone.com/store/razerusa/en_US/pd/productID.241167600/categoryId.35156900
  • belardo
    Looks like the TRON Legacy keyboard...
  • scannall
    I was interested in this right up until I read the price. $260? Really? No thanks.