Tripwire Interactive Releases New Content Pack For 'Killing Floor 2' And Reveals A Standalone VR Game

Killing Floor 2 is a sequel to Tripwire Interactive’s Killing Floor, an Unreal Tournament 2004 mod that the company eventually developed into a standalone game. Killing Floor 2 pits players against the Zeds yet again. Tripwire released four content packs since it launched the game in early access, and the company released the fifth content pack today.

The new “Bullseye” pack features an enhanced Player vs. Zed mode, which adds more enemies and even allows players to play as the killer Zeds themselves. The new Sharpshooter perk will make players more proficient at longer ranges. Two popular community-made maps, Containment Station and Hostile Grounds, will also see an official release. The Bullseye pack went live today during the PC Gaming Show.

Tripwire also revealed a standalone Killing Floor VR game. Killing Floor: Incursion will deliver players an interactive survival horror experience using Oculus Touch. The gameplay trailer that was shown during the PC Gaming Show depicted players picking up and wielding different combinations of weapons against the Zeds by manipulating Oculus Touch controllers.

Killing Floor 2 will leave early access this fall. Killing Floor: Incursion will launch with Oculus Touch alongside 29 other games later this year.

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  • BulkZerker
    This latest patch has really made the game less enjoyable. Trash zeds have higher resistances (more bullets to clear trash, really hurts support specialists with their already low ammo pool and long reloads. Catching things on fire with a flame weapon is now even less useful as a firebug because you can't let them just smolder you have to drown zeds in flames and that hurts because of your low ammo pool as well) and on top of that zeds bob and weave around more making it hard to line up headshots.

    I'm glad they added sharpshooter with it's ridiculous headshot stuns.

    Still not worth the asking price ATM.