Kingston Shows Off Heat-pipe Skulltrail Memory


Taipei (Taiwan) - Everyone knows that memory modules inside a computer can get hot, but the FB-DIMM modules in a Skulltrail box are a different story. These suckers get so hot that they can almost melt the skin of your fingers and up until now your only solution was to aim a big fan at the memory. In fact, this is exactly what we did with our in house Skulltrail system - we took off the case cover and pointed an industrial strength Vornado fan at the memory sticks and MCH. But Kingston has a better solution with their new heat-pipe phase-change memory.

The HyperX FB-DIMMs are officially labeled as the KHX6400F2LLK2/2G and are the first officially overclockable memory sticks for the dual quad-core Skulltrail system. At Kingston’s booth at this year’s Computex tradeshow, a company rep showed off a Skulltrail machine with four sticks of the memory installed. Kingston does recommend having a small internal fan blew air directly onto the HyperX sticks.

The timings and voltages look great, but there is one downside to these modules - each stick is only 1 GB which means you’ll have to populate all four slots to get 4 GB.

Our friends over at the INQUIRER, seemed to like their review units and say the modules are cool to the touch. You can read Nebojsa Novakovic’s article here.

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