Microsoft's Laptop Hunters Returns, $700 PC Wins

It's been a while since we've seen a Laptop Hunters commercial, the commercial series from Microsoft that pushes the PC more than any of its software products.

The series is back, however, with Matt and Olivia hoping to find the perfect laptop for sharing pictures of their son Jayden with friends and family. Their requirements are that the laptop must have a large screen with great battery life and must cost no more than $700. As with all the other Laptop Hunters commercials, the Microsoft narrator says, "You find it, you keep it."

Off the young family went through the aisles of what is surely Best Buy, looking at all their various options. Olivia commented on liking the pink laptop as well as suggested that the diminutive netbook was perfect for her baby Jayden.

Of course, no Laptop Hunters episode is complete without a poke at the Apple camp. The family stopped to look at the white polycarbonate MacBook that's priced at $999. The immediate complaints were that it was too small and about its price. Of course, with a starting limit of $700, a MacBook was already off the list to start with regardless of specifications.

In the end, Matt and Olivia decided on the HP dv7, just as Lauren did in the very first Laptop Hunters commercial. Check it out below!

Laptop Hunters $700 Matt and Olivia get an HP dv7

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  • 08nwsula
    jincongzSharing Photos? iPhoto pwns all

    it's kind of hard to share photos through iPhoto when barely anybody uses a mac
  • gridener
    Hey look its Lewis from Left 4 Dead!
  • matt87_50
    if they want any credibility at all, they should really do one where the mac wins.
    ... it could go something like "young metro-sexual try-hard who doesn't mind being ripped of finds mac for $3000"
  • Other Comments
  • jincongz
    Great battery life? Macbook! Sharing Photos? iPhoto pwns all. They don't mention those people getting shelling out $300 for software to do the stuff iLife does, do they...
  • 08nwsula
    the netbook comment was kind of funny
  • jacobdrj
    I read your title, and thought it was a jab at Microsoft that one of the Laptop Hunters actually RETURNED one of the laptops they were GIVEN...