This Leak-Proof Liquid Cooling Pump Sucks in the Best Way Possible

(Image credit: Aqua Computers)

Aqua Computers just announced a brand new safety device for custom liquid cooling loop builds that is capable of stopping all leaks in your loop. This device is called the Leakshield and is designed to be installed on your reservoir, allowing the Leakshield to manipulate air pressure inside your loop.

The genius design of the Leakshield is its ability to produce negative pressure inside your system's loop. Basically, it uses suction so that if a failure occurs, the coolant can't escape. Instead, the negative air pressure forces all your coolant to stay inside the system. All you get is air bubbles being sucked into the loop, which is much better than liquid escaping and shorting out your components.

Aqua computers shared a video demonstrating its amazing capabilities, from drilling holes into PETG tubing, to completely unscrewing the faceplate off a GPU water block. The liquid never leaked out of the system and stayed inside the loop.

This is just one of LeakShields abilities. Via air pressure manipulation, the device can test a loop for leaks before the loop is filled with coolant. There's also a mode to accelerate the filling process, without needing to worry about air bubbles getting trapped when you first start up your system.

The Leakshield device comes with its own power supply and is controlled via USB. The device comes with an OLED screen in front and physical buttons to control the system.

You can buy the Leakshield device in Germany for 119.90 Euros, but if your reservoir doesn't support the device, you can buy the Leakshield device and an adapter for 139.90 Euros. There's no word on US availability or pricing just yet.

Aaron Klotz
Freelance News Writer

Aaron Klotz is a freelance writer for Tom’s Hardware US, covering news topics related to computer hardware such as CPUs, and graphics cards.