Lenovo Delays Launch of Ion Netbook

Lenovo was the first to announce an Nvidia Ion-based netbook with the Ideapad S12, but it turns out that the GeForce-gifted portable might not be the first one to market.

Gizmodo learned from Lenovo that the Ion-equipped S12 is being pushed back to October so that it may launch alongside Windows 7. Given the graphics accelerated prowess of the hardware, Windows 7 would take to it better than Windows XP, but that does mean waiting an extra two months.

Those desperate for an Ideapad S12 right now can opt for the currently available, Intel chipset-based model for $450, a couple of months wait plus another $50 will buy you better hardware and OS. Do you think it'll be a worthwhile wait?

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  • 08nwsula
    I really like windows 7, but 500 for a netbook is just too much
  • alvine
    netbooks should not be more then 400. 500 is laptop territory
  • zambutu
    How can you guys put price caps on a "netbook", technology comes with a price. Should they leave the ion chipset out of netbooks completely then, or should they sell them at a loss? I'd rather pay a bit more for something better, than pay less and settle for something i'm not happy with. They'll cost what they need to charge. That said, 12" is getting too big for a "netbook" IMO; this is more like a cheap laptop