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Lepa Announces Four New 120 mm Fans With BOL-Bearing

Lepa has announced a number of new fans, all of which are units that have the company's patented Barometric Oil-Less bearings. These fans include the BOL.QUIET PWM fan, the BOL.QUIET Tri-Speed fan, the Vortex 88C, and the Casino 4C Advance.

Both the BOL.QUIET fans are built with an S-blade design. This is a wing design made to reduce the turbulence, and thus noise. The PWM version of the fan comes with either blue or red LEDs, while the Tri-Speed version comes with adapters to run it at either 7 V or 5 V. Without an adapter it will run at 12V.

Left to Right: BOL.QUIET PWM, BOL.QUIET Tri-Speed, Vortex 88C, and Casino 4C Advance

The Vortex 8C and the Casino 4C Advance are both physically similar fans, though the Casino version has very advanced LEDs but lacks the S-Blade design. The fans both have the Vortex frame, which directs the airflow. The Casino comes with four LEDs: red, green, white, and blue. These can be combined to enable five different lighting effects, among which are sparkling, all on, flashing, casino, and off. The Casino 4C does support PWM signals.

Max SpeedMax AirflowMax NoisePrice
BOL.QUIET PWM1600 RPM81.45 CFM18 dBA$14.99
BOL.QUIET Tri-Speed1600 RPM81.45 CFM18 dBA$12.99
Vortex 88C1600 RPM68.72 CFM25 dBA$12.99
Casino 4C Advance1600 RPM63.91 CFM25 dBA$18.99

The BOL bearing that is featured on all the fans will withstand operating temperatures of up to 88 degrees C, and at this temperature still gives the fans an MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) of 160,000 hours.

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