LG Confirms Plans for Curved Mobile Display

Last week, unnamed sources confirmed to Cnet that LG is currently working on a smartphone with a curved display. The plans haven't been finalized, but the company is expected to call this device "G Flex", and use a curved 6 inch display. The unannounced phone is slated to be introduced next month. Well, how's this for rumor mill continuity: LG has since confirmed that it is working on a flexible handset display.

Reuters cites LG as saying it will start mass producing curved smartphone displays in preparation for the November launch of a smartphone with a curved screen. Samsung has already confirmed its intentions to produce a phone with a curved display and it seems LG is keen to keep pace with its South Korean rival. The company's display measures six inches and will feature a top-to-bottom curve. Samsung's screen is said to side-to-side curved.

The curved Samsung model is expected to be revealed within the next several weeks. Earlier talk pegged the device as a variant of the Galaxy Note 3 equipped with Samsung's curvy plastic-based display, but a new report suggests that the company will introduce an entirely new series under the Galaxy brand, much like it did with the Galaxy S and Note series.

LG revealed its curved screen back in January during CES 2013. The company teased the tech again in its product announcement for SID 2013 back in May, demonstrating not only the drool-tastic 55 inch Curved OLED TV, but a flexible 5 inch plastic OLED panel. That said, don't expect phones that bend at will, but solid form factors with a slight curve that's comfortable next to the user's face without looking highly odd.

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  • Blazer1985
    Looks like someone heard about the "bendable" iPhone5 - 5s :-D
    Way to go LG, indirect trolling :-)
  • xero141
    Kinda cool..... until apple does this.. then it would be revolutionary. LOL
  • southernshark
    Apple invents it in 2015 or maybe 2016.
  • MetzMan007
    cant wait for apple to sue lg for copying there phone tha wont be released for 3 years.
  • teh_chem
    I don't see the point of curved screens. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus had a curved screen, I didn't find it any more ergonomic than any other flat smartphone, and I found the curvature appearance of the screen itself to be a little bit distracting.
  • Duckhunt
    It is about status. If you have it and others don't. You can go around like a show pony.