New Networked LED Bulb Provides Wireless Light Control

According to the company, the LED bulbs can display a variety of white tones ranging from warm yellow white to blue white, in addition to virtually any other color desired by the user. The technology used in the bulbs is related to Philips' now defunct AmbiLight TVs, which allowed a device to adjust the surrounding TV lighting to the screen content.

Called hue, the smart light bulb starter kit is priced at $199 and comes with three bulbs and a network bridge that can control up to 50 bulbs at any time. Each additional bulb is $59 a piece. Via a smartphone, a user can apply a programmable timer, remotely control the lights or go to more extravagant usage models and take a picture of an object and apply the color tone to a light bulb.

According to Philips, there are several preset lighting modes that provide tones for specific environments, including calming tones for reading and relaxing.


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  • mrmike_49
    ridiculously expensive, too bad
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  • mrmike_49
    ridiculously expensive, too bad
  • jossrik
    I like the idea but will wait for the price to drop, it's not even the 60$ a bulb that gets at me, it's the 200$ starter fee, also, wonder if I can control it from my computer and how much hassle setting that up would be...
  • mrmike_49
    check out "X10" ( - much cheaper and available now