Three Linksys Routers Receive DD-WRT Support

Here at CES, Linksys announced that it is bringing third party, open-source firmware to three routers in the WRT series via DD-WRT. The three routers in question are the WRT1900AC, WRT1200AC and the recently-released WRT1900ACS, which we covered not too long ago.

Previously released Linksys WRT1900ACS

Users have pleaded for Linksys to provide open-source firmware to its routers, much like the support Linksys’s legendary WRT54G has received for over the past decade. When Linksys announced a collaborative effort with OpenWrt and Marvell to make the WRT1900ACS open-source ready back in October, we wondered whether this might lead to more third-party support in the future, and it seems Linksys has kept its word.

Providing open-source firmware may prove to be a lucrative strategy, this move is likely aimed at open-source loyalists who enjoy tinkering with firmware. Potential customers who had a WRT54G and were reluctant to a new WRT product, or people who are just in the market for an open-source ready router, might consider what Linksys has to offer.

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