Logitech Reveals Tenkeyless G410 Keyboard With RGB Lighting, Homecooked Romer-G Switches (Updated)

Logitech's gaming series, or Logitech G, only has one keyboard available that features RGB lighting. However, that keyboard, the G910 Orion Spark, is about to have a little brother. It's called the G410 Atlas Spectrum, and it has RGB lighting. However, unlike the rest of the mechanical keyboards offered in the G series, it's tenkeyless.

The tenkeyless design makes the keyboard smaller and portable so that you can take it to a friendly LAN match or a professional eSports tournament. This will be the second keyboard in the lineup to have RGB lighting, the new wave of bells and whistles on peripherals. Razer is dropping its Chroma RGB lighting on nearly all of its peripherals, so it's likely only a matter of time before Logitech does the same to its gaming series.

As usual, the mechanical keyboard will have Romer-G switches as well as a dock at the front of the keyboard for Arx Control, an app for iOS and Android mobile devices that can display information about your computer, in-game information for support titles, and a hub to control various Logitech G peripherals.

If the G910 at $179.99 is out of your price range, then the G410 might be a better option at $129.99 when it comes out in October. This puts the keyboard in direct contention with Logitech's own G710 and G710 Plus, which have dedicated macro keys and dual-zone backlighting. More importantly, the G710 and G710 Plus have Cherry MX Blue and Brown switches, respectively. This could be a way to not only bring more RGB keyboards to Logitech's lineup, but also phase out the Cherry MX switches in favor of the company's own Romer-G switches.

Update, 9/29/2015, 7 pm PDT: Logitech provided a higher-quality image of the G410 keyboard.

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  • nikolajj
    Looks like they redid the kay caps. If so, good! Still looks too much like a spaceship to me tho.
  • Peter Martin
    I guess I would have to try it. I am so preferential to Cherry MX switches. Brown are my favorite
  • Larry Litmanen
    Visually i don't like it, i guess i do not need a dedicated number pad because this is for home use, it's not like i seat at home and enter numbers all day.

    But my experience with Logitech has been so positive that it tells me it should be a good keyboard. I actually bought for home use and work use (i am not using cheap stuff they give at work because i use it for 8 hours a day) two keyboards and multiple Logitech mice throughout the years, every product is consistently great.
  • amk-aka-Phantom
    Though I generally like Logitech products, love TKL KBs and am currently in the market for one (thanks to Cooler Master not being able to sort out QuickFire Rapid-i LEDs failing repeatedly), Logitech did everything they could to ruin this model. No Cherry MX switches? No detachable cable? Massive edges that decrease portability? No way, waiting for Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma to be released here.
  • jaber2
    Really? the keypad was a problem? what a waste of a keyboard
  • er0shima
    I wish they could've build a more affordable keyboard. I still own a G15 KB, love the integrated display, is really usefull. I use it to show me my pc metrics such as cpu usage, ram, gpu usage, system, cpu and gpu temp. and so on.

    Unfortunately, the new breed of keyboards lack the integrated display on the more affordable devices. By affordable I'm refering under $60 usd.

    This particular KB really looks awesome but it's still very expensive.
  • dstarr3
    Can we please stop designing Fisher Price spaceship keyboards? Adults want premium keyboards, too.
  • Xivilain
    Can we please stop designing Fisher Price spaceship keyboards? Adults want premium keyboards, too.

    Corsair Vengeance K65
    Its a beauty. Check it out.
  • n1k0
    It's common to think that Tenkeyless boards are for portability. The true reason for getting one is that your left (keybaord) and right (mouse) hands are close together making gaming more ergonomic.
  • AnimeMania
    What are the Chinese characters on the keys next to the "1" key and on both sides of space bar?