Logitech New Mice are Patriotic Just in Time for Sochi Olympics

Feeling a dose of national pride now that the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics is underway? Perhaps you'd like to show a little team spirit by dressing up the desktop. That can be arranged thanks to Logitech's new Global Fan Collection of desktop mice.

"A mouse for the fan in all of us, the Global Fan Collection adds new, eye-catching designs inspired by flags from around the world to one of our most popular mice," reads the company's announcement.

The new line of mice features not only a flag-based design, but the company's Advanced Optical Tracking tech. This new line also relies on a "plug and forget" nano wireless receiver, meaning it will hog up a USB port but won't stick out like an antenna. This receiver can actually handle six compatible devices up to 25 meters away.

Logitech's new Global Fan Collection features 14 mice with designs spanning from one side of the globe to the  other. Each mouse provides two buttons, a scroll wheel, and a shape that fits comfortably in your hand. Given they're wireless, there are no cords to tangle with, only batteries. Users are provided with an on/off switch underneath to conserve power when not in use.

The new set is based on the company's M317 wireless mouse, which features a contoured design and promises one year battery life. The Advanced Optical Tracking not only conserves battery juice, but also allows the device to work on most surfaces, including glass.

"While Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking uses LED light, we've moved the sensor from a position perpendicular to the surface to an angle similar to that of a laser mouse," reads the company's explanation. "Logitech mice with Advanced Optical Tracking look for scattered light from the specular (or reflective) direction—like a laser mouse—instead of capturing light from above—like standard optical mice."

The new Global Fan Collection of desktop mice retail for $29.99 each, and can be purchased immediately from Logitech here.

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    It has nice slopes. But its missing couple extra gaming buttons. Its a Bronze at best.
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