Rumor: Macbooks to Feature Light Peak

According to Edible Apple, Apple will reportedly be introducing brand new MacBook Pros in April 2011 which will come with a whole lot more than just an upgrade in specs.

Three Guys and a Podcast has said, "The new MacBook Pros will move to solid state storage, up to 512GB, remove the optical drive, and we believe light-peak is being pushed to make it’s first-ever entrance into the market, another Apple exclusive."

In addition, the MacBook Pros are due for a complete redesign borrowing features from the newly released MacBook Air. The most exciting rumor we've been hearing is about the inclusion of Light Peak technology.

Intel and Apple have been reportedly working together to develop the blazing fast Light Peak technology that was buzzed about earlier this year. Boasting of a 10GB/s up and down, light peak might just blow USB 3.0 out of the water. As fast as 10GB/s already sounds, Intel has reported that Light Peak will be able to scale up to 100GB/s within the next ten years. How's that for fast?

If these rumors are true, Light Peak will be hitting the market first with Apple in their new MacBook Pro. As far as what this might do to the pricing, we aren't too excited.

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  • orionantares
    First set of transfer optimized devices coming in 2013...
  • lauxenburg
    More "reasons" for Apple to overprice their stuff
  • Hupiscratch
    Macbook w/o Light Peak: $ 3000
    Macbook with Light Peak: $ 5000