Mad Catz Launches TRITTON Pro+ PC Headset

Not to be confused with the "value oriented" TRITTON Kunai PC headset which was released last week, Mad Catz said it is now shipping the TRITTON Pro+ headset for the PC and Mac. It's based on the popular console version, but ditches the amplifier/decoder box and directly connects to the rig's analog outputs instead. Like the Kunai, this headset also made its debut at E3 2013 back in June.

"The TRITTON Pro+ headset received a warm reception with the passionate gamers at E3 thanks to its advanced feature set and multiple speakers, delivering highly accurate sound separation, ideal for online gaming," said Darren Richardson, President and CEO of Mad Catz. "We believe the TRITTON Pro+ for Windows PC and Mac will enable us to further diversify our platform base within the high-end audio category."

The new headset features four separate Neodymium drivers in each earcup: 30 mm front and rear drivers, a 23 mm center driver, and a 40 mm subwoofer powering a circumaural over-the-ear audio experience. The cable length is 12 feet and features an in-line controller for adjusting the main volume, the levels of each speaker via individual backlit buttons, and for turning the microphone on and off.

Gamers can also use the controller to turn off the Selectable Voice Monitoring (SVM) feature for hearing the user's voice through the headset (and prevents late-night shouting). And like the Kunai, the microphone is actually removable, allowing users to wear the headset while listening to music on a smartphone or tablet without the microphone hovering in front of their face.

"Utilizing proprietary audio technology, the Pro+ replicates the immersive feeling of high-end home theater setups," the company said. "Envelop yourself in a richly detailed, 3D environment as 5.1 channels of sound collaborate to reveal previously hidden details within the backdrops of your favorite games."

The headset comes with a padded, adjustable headrail which extends an extra 1.25 inches on each side, and padded earcups to help reduce outside interference and provide better comfort for extended use. It also features a frequency response of 25 Hz to 22 kHz, a total harmonic distortion of <1 percent, four 3.5 mm jacks for audio input (microphone, bass, center, left/right) and is powered by a USB port. It also comes with a 5.1 adapter for desktops without the multiple audio output ports.

For more information about the new Mad Catz headset, head here. The product page still reads as pre-order as of this article, but provides purchasing options for customers worldwide. The new headset will retail for $129.99 USD when it becomes available.

  • Pherule
    I wonder how this would compare to the Asus Vulcan ANC. Somehow I don't think this will be quite as good.
  • dfirday
    Multiple Drivers = Crap Sound Quality.
  • master9716
    Tritton as In the Makers of Rift , MMO ? the game thats way better than wow in the PVE aspect but lacks in the pvp arena aspect?
  • John Billium

    I think you mean Trion Worlds, the Dev/Publisher of Rift. Although I do think Tritton had a gaming headset dedicated and made for Rift kind of like WoW has some branding from other companies.

    They look interesting but I'm not sure anything is going to replace my Sennheiser PC-350's (modded and some custom velour can covers) anytime soon. The detachable microphone is nice, wish more companies did that.