Maingear Reveals 'Tuned For VR' Systems, New Customization Options For SuperStock Series

Maingear's two popular systems have been updated for VR. The F131 desktop has a new chassis and component options, and the Nomad series has a new entry, the Nomad VR, which features desktop components with the power to handle virtual reality on the go. 

"VR is now a reality and both the F131 and NOMAD VR are ready to fully immerse you into any virtual adventure you seek," says Wallace Santos, CEO and Founder of MAINGEAR. "We offer the best customized gaming solutions available and our newest systems are designed to maximize experiences for any VR headset, including the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive."


Maingear said the new F131 desktop comes in a brand new brushed aluminum chassis design, which features a solid, clear tempered-glass side panel so you can see all of your components clearly. The company said the new case is more compact than the previous F131 model, but it can still pack all the components you'll likely need.

The F131 can be configured with Intel Skylake or Haswell-E processors that Maingear will overclock if you desire it. You can also set it up with dual graphics cards, which can also be overclocked. The company said there is space for three SSDs and you can also have up to 64GB of DDR4.

Maingear said that to keep the system cool, the case features Dual Flow VRTX cooling, which brings cool air in from the front and the rear, and exhausts hot air through the top. The company also offers different water cooling solutions that you can opt for. You can choose a closed loop cooler, or have Maingear build you a custom open-loop system.

Nomad VR

If you'd rather have something a bit more portable, the Maingear Nomad VR is probably more up your alley. Maingear said these laptops are configured with desktop level hardware, including the Intel i7 6700K and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 980, which the company said can both be overclocked.

The Maingear Nomad VR is equipped with a 1080p G-Sync panel, a backlit keyboard and HD Foster Audio speakers, an integrated microphone and a 2.0-megapixel webcam. The laptop also features USB 3.1 with a Type-C connector and Thunderbolt 3 support.

SuperStock Series F131

In addition to the new "Tuned For VR" systems that were just announced, Maingear revealed a set of new customization options for the company's flagship SuperStock Series desktops. The company is now offering a new paint finish called ElectroColor. This new finish option is available in six different colors: Amped Red, Charge Grey, Epic Silver, Impulse Gold, Oxide Green and Volt Violet. Maingear said it "utilizes an electrochemical process to transform the aluminum chassis into a corrosion-resistant canvas with diamond-like durability."

Maingear has also introduced two new options for water cooling tubing. The company is now offering clear PETG shatterproof hard tubing with the SUPERSTOCK Crystal Hardline system. Maingear has also announced the SUPERSTOCK Metal Hardline system, which features "hand-cut nickel plated metal tubing that shines under the LED lights and helps dissipates heat."

Maingear's F131 desktops start at $1,799 and go up from there. The Superstock F131 systems start at $4,749 for a Skylake based machine, and $5,099 for an X99 build. The Nomad VR starts at $2,799 and it has a number of customization options, but Maingear doesn't offer a Superstock option for its laptops.

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