Manage Your Headless Raspberry Pi Remotely from a Web Browser

(Image credit: t0xic0der)

Tired of managing your headless Raspberry Pi via terminal? This project, created by a Reddit user known as t0xic0der, is a web-based tool designed to monitor Pi resources from almost anywhere. Not only does it give system performance information, it can be used to manage the Raspberry Pi and complete certain tasks.

One of the biggest goals, according to t0xic0der, was ensuring the system could operate on a unit as small as the Raspberry Pi Zero W. This resulted in a versatile system with cross-compatibility across multiple Linux platforms.

The web app was written using Flask Web Microframework. It features a user-friendly GUI and common commands for managing processes like terminate, kill, resume, etc.

The new tools work with a variety of systems outside of Raspberry Pi OS. You can monitor and control machines running Arch Linux ARM, Ubuntu ARM, Fedora ARM and more.

If you want to check out this tool yourself, t0xic0der provides everything you need to get started on Github. Be sure to follow t0xic0der on Reddit for more updates and future Raspberry Pi projects.

Ash Hill
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