Intel Says It Will Keep MeeGo Alive

Even if Nokia may not have much interest in MeeGio anymore as the Microsoft dollars may be the more convincing argument to venture into a better smartphone future, there is a spark of hope for MeeGo.   

Intel senior vice president Renée James told Germany's that Intel was "obviously disappointed" about Nokia's decision, but Nokia's shift of strategy has not been a reason for Intel to abandon MeeGo as well. However, we seriously have to wonder what chances MeeGo has without Nokia. The opportunity to succeed against iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7 and WebOS were slim to begin with and they may be virtually zero without Nokia.

Besides the question what would justify the existence of yet another mobile platform OS, Intel won't be able to grow MeeGo as a tablet or smartphone OS by itself. It will need a vibrant application and developer platform, which is extremely tough to create. Also, we should not forget that Intel does not have a great track record in pitching and nurturing end-user software. My bet? MeeGo will die quietly and quickly.

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  • opmopadop
    I wonder if Nokia was aware it would put so many people out of the job (MeeGo and Symbian developers)...

    FWIW I think MeeGo will still survive in the home theatre and entertainment market.
  • house70
    Shame... that had even a better potential to run full apps, Linux apps.
  • abottig
    No! What about the n9? The n900 deserves a worthy successor.