Mettle SkyBox Gets Nvidia Cuda Update For Editing 360-Degree Content

Mettle, a software company that makes plug-ins for Adobe products, announced that SkyBox Studio, a set of plug-ins for editing 360-degree video content in Adobe Premier Pro CC and Adobe After Effects, will soon be able to harness the power of Nvidia’s Cuda technology.

Skybox Studio features a set of transitions and effects that are designed for 360-degree video that remain “VR-aware.” Skybox includes blur and glow effects that won’t expose stitching, and transition and tilting effects that should work well with spherical video.

These types of effects are very computationally demanding, and Mettle has always relied on GPU power to handle the effects, but the company is moving from OpenGL to Nvidia’s Cuda 8 framework to harness the power of Nvidia’s workstation Quadro GPUs.

“We’ve relied on the GPU since the beginning,” said Chris Bobotis, creative director and co-founder at Mettle. “We’re now in the process of transitioning from OpenGL to the Nvidia CUDA 8 framework, a move that will amp up our processing speed considerably and ensure SkyBox runs even faster within the GPU-accelerated Mercury Playback Engine of Adobe Premiere Pro CC.”

Mettle will be showcasing SkyBox 360|VR Transitions running on Nvidia Quadro GPUs at the NAB Show in Las Vegas this week at booth N8623 in the VR/AR Pavilion. As a special promotion, Mettle is discounting all of its plug-ins this week. Click this link for details.

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