Microsoft Moves Beyond Touch, Files 3D Stylus Patent

A recently filed patent application describes the concept of a 3D stylus.

Essentially a translation of the 3D mouse that has been available for more than a decade, Microsoft's 3D stylus is based on a device that is capable of recognizing one or more magnetic fields that is created by a set of transmitting coils integrated in a display device. The magnetic field information is translated, sent to the display over an RF channel and the position and direction of the stylus is determined accordingly.

Microsoft does not provide example applications of the technology, which are critical for the success of a data input model. Conceivably, the technology could beneficial in business applications such as collaborative environments and during presentations where an applications could be controlled while the presenter is away from the screen. For a mass market 3D input model, however, Kinect may have a much greater opportunity for wide-spread adoption.

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  • killabanks
    if this stylus works on any surface might be pretty useful
  • WithoutWeakness
    Interesting. My Note 2 has a "hover" feature where it can detect the stylus when it's within a half-inch or so of the screen and has certain functionality tied to "hovering" over photos, videos, etc. This sounds like a similar thing but with more range? It will be interesting to see if they make anything using this and what its applications are.
  • abbadon_34
    Most interesting will be how they combat fatigue. Gorilla arm is already an issue for 2D touch
  • nitrium
    Maybe it's just me, but that sure looks like an unusual way of holding a stylus.