Microsoft Updates Mouse & Keyboard Center Software With ARM64 Support

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Microsoft released an ARM64 version of its Mouse & Keyboard Center utility for Windows 10 on January 15. The latest version of the software, which appears to have been released in October 2019, also introduced support for additional hardware.

Mouse & Keyboard Center does about what you'd expect. As per Microsoft's support article, the utility "helps you make the most out of your Microsoft keyboard and mouse" and "helps you personalize and customize how you work on your PC."

The company previously offered 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Mouse & Keyboard Center for x86 systems. The update released on January 15 includes a version of the software made specifically for systems running Windows 10 on PCs with Arm processors.

Mouse & Keyboard Center version 12 also introduced support for these devices:

  • Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard
  • Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse
  • Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard
  • Microsoft Ergonomic Mouse
  • Microsoft Surface Pro X and other Windows 10 Arm-based PCs

An older support article claims to list all of Mouse & Keyboard Center's supported hardware but doesn't mention the "Surface Pro X and other Windows 10 Arm-based PCs," likely because it hasn't been updated since November 2019.

Nathaniel Mott
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