New Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet Features Kaby Lake, Surface Pen

Microsoft held an event in Shanghai today, and during the presentation, the company revealed the next iteration of the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet. The new Surface is the fastest model yet, and it purports to have a longer battery life than ever.

This is the fifth generation of the Surface Pro Tablet, but it’s not called the Surface Pro 5. In a move that mirror’s Apple’s fourth-generation iPad launch, the company dropped the numbered moniker.

The fifth-generation Surface Pro tablet is unsurprisingly the fastest Surface Tablet that Microsoft has ever produced. The new Surface features Intel’s 7th-generation (Kaby Lake) Core processors, including a Core m3-equipped unit for the budget conscious, two Core i5 models, and three Core i7 powerhouses. Microsoft said the upcoming Surface Pro tablet offers 2.5x the computing power of the two-generations-old Surface Pro 3.

Microsoft said that it managed to passively cool the Core m3 and Core i5 processors, which means the lower end versions don’t have an internal fan. The i7-equipped Surface Pro tablet includes a cooling fan, but Microsoft said that it doesn’t exceed 18dB, so you’d be hard pressed to hear it in an office setting.

The new Surface Pro also offers the longest battery life of any Surface tablet, at 13.5 hours, which is 50% more than the previous Surface Pro tablet.

Predictably, the new Surface Tablet is smaller and lighter than previous Surface Pro models. Microsoft said it managed to squeeze the processor, memory, SSD, mainboard, and the 12.3” 267ppi TouchSense display into an 8.5mm-thick package. Microsoft joked that the bag that you would carry the Surface Pro in is likely heavier than the 1.7-pound device. Microsoft is also planning to release LTE Advanced Surface Tablets later this year, which won’t be any larger than the non-LTE versions.

Microsoft also offers a new Surface Dock, which features additional USB ports and video outputs for two 4K displays.

New Flip Covers

Microsoft also put in the effort to improve the flip cover to make it more versatile. The standard Surface Pro cover features a new stand position. Previous Surface tablet models would allow you to lay the tablet flat or prop it up to a near vertical position, but the new Surface Pro features a new stand position called “Studio Mode” (inspired by Surface Studio) that props the Surface up at a mild angle to make it comfortable to write and draw on. Microsoft said it improved the cover’s hinge to support 165-degrees of adjustment.

Microsoft didn’t stop at improving the hinge and adding a new stand position, though. The company revealed a brand-new keyboard for its portable tablet that offers what it claimed are premium materials and improved keys. The new Signature Pro Type Cover keyboards feature 1.3mm of key travel, which should improve the typing experience compared to previous Type Cover models.

Microsoft’s Signature Pro Type Cover comes in four different colors: Black, Platinum, Burgundy, and Cobalt Blue. Microsoft wrapped the Signature Pro Type Covers in stain- and spill-resistant soft-touch Alcantara material.

New Surface Pen

Microsoft said that it put a lot of effort into improving the user experience for the next Surface Pro tablet. In addition to the new Type Cover, Microsoft revealed the next version of the Surface Pen. Microsoft said the new Surface Pen is “twice as accurate as the previous version” and “sets the standard for faster, more fluid writing and drawing.”

The new Surface Pen also offers integration with Microsoft Office 365. It brings new inking features to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, which allow you to draw and jot notes on your presentations, spreadsheets, and written work.

Microsoft said the new inking features would roll out to Office 365 subscribers in June but didn't state when the Surface Pen would hit the market. The company plans to offer the Surface Pen in the same four colors as the Type Cover when they do arrive, though. 

The new Surface Pro tablet and the Signature Pro Type Covers are available for pre-order today from the Microsoft Store,, and Microsoft is also offering the Surface Pro tablet to the Chinese market through

The models start at $800, which gets you a Core m3 chip, 4GB RAM, and 128GB of storage. At the highest end, you can get a Core i7, 16GB RAM, and 1TB of storage for $2,700. That's quite a price range, but in between there are several configuration options (see below). Also note that students, faculty, and staff at colleges and universities enjoy a slight discount on any model.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Core m34GB128GB$800
Core i54GB128GB$1,000
Core i58GB256GB$1,300
Core i78GB256GB$1,600
Core i716GB512GB$2,200
Core i716GB1TB$2,700

 Kevin Carbotte is a contributing writer for Tom's Hardware who primarily covers VR and AR hardware. He has been writing for us for more than four years. 

  • Core i7 16GB 1TB $2,700 -> this must be a bad joke for < average device running rather bad OS. Surface doesn't sell well, Microsoft lost 26% of revenue on it.
  • jaber2
    I recommend Surface Pro to my customers, this is the only tablet format that has Windows OS running on it with the minimum requirements for our software
  • It actually does not come with pen anymore. That's an additional purchase now.
  • c4v3man
    The lack of a $1800 i5-512GB model is a shame. Keep in mind these cannot be upgraded at all, so only buy a 128GB version if you intend to use it as an viewing device. I hope the new models ditch the crap wifi chips of the older models... I never understood why Microsoft kept using the Marvell adapter when they should integrate a high-end Intel adapter instead.

    My experience with the Surface Pro 1,2,3 and 4 are they they are good devices, but have too many compromises and small bugs to be great devices. Hopefully Microsoft catches up to 2016 next year and offers USB-C/Thunderbolt.
  • teamninja
    The lack of a a Pen... making it cost 100$ wtf.... Now it is just a tablet without good apps.... hell it didn't even come with a keyboard before but just as expensive as before? but without the pen.... so the hinge can go to 165 degrees now from 150 degrees.... Yea... not many would care about that... going from gen 6 cpu too gen 7 YOU might as well buy the last gen Surface pro 4 for FAR cheaper and you get a pen... Guess what you can still use the new pen on it just buy the new pen...

    Battery life? You guys say 13.5 hours depending on what you use ppfffft looks like it really came from having no fan and improved gen 7 cpu only... I bet it will be at best 1 hours to 1 hour 30mins longer...

    Seriously people should buy last gen now that it is much much cheaper for the 8GB ram 256gb memory core i5.... The improvements aren't that great... it is roughly 30% better deal then the current one it has a PEN