Windows 7 RC1 Shooting for April 10 Release?

Those of you who’ve been watching the rumors regarding a release date for Windows 7 RC1 will be disappointed to hear the latest, which apparently comes from a trusted source within Microsoft.

Given that it's the next milestone, people have been talking about a Windows 7 release candidate ever since the public beta came offline a couple of weeks back. According to, a trusted source within the Redmond company told the publication that while the release candidate was currently being tested internally, it wouldn’t be released until April 10, which is a longer wait than the falsely rumored February 27 date that has been doing the rounds over the last week or so.

“At this time, Windows 7 RC is internally being tested and the official release date is set for April 10, 2009,” writes Sean Bradford at Neowin. “The Windows team is right on schedule with development, and if there are no significant problems over the next few weeks the April 10, 2009 release date will remain in tact,” he continued.

The post is scant with regards to details so there’s no way of knowing if April 10 will see a world-wide release or if that date applies only to TechNet and MSDN users (who we’re assuming will receive the build first). However, Ars Technica reports that when asked, Steven Sinofsky senior vice president for the Windows and Windows Live Engineering Group, said that Microsoft Connect testers as well as MSDN and TechNet subscribers would not get the RC exclusively. Ars reports that Sinofsky said no: "The build will be available broadly."

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  • jsloan
    why dont they shoot for april fools day, because that is all windows 7 is, lipstick on the vista pig, and we need to bring our stock price up, so we need to get new money in, so we have to get our customers to buy vista all over again.
  • bustapr
    I haven't tried windows 7 yet,but Judging from other reviews and comments of it, it sounds like remodled Windows vista.I hope its not true. Besides , april 10 isn't all that far away you bunch of winers.
  • bustapr
    looks like people wont fall for the mojave joke again. LOL