Microsoft Granted Updated Removable Module Patent for Game Consoles

The original patent application was filed in December 2004, or almost one year before the introduction of the Xbox 360, and granted in September 2010. The update was filed in April 2011.

The content of the patent is almost entirely unchanged, but Microsoft added 15 more references of prior art, one of them dating back to 1967, which describes a "Circuit breaker box and operator with improved lever and interlock means", and one other patent referring to an "encryption device interlock" invention from 1978 that explains a connector interlock plate for an electronic device cabinet.

Microsoft's patent details the addition of an external HDD to the Xbox 360, specifying the way how the device is attached and supported by the console frame.

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  • thecolorblue
    does this mean that the patent expiration timer was just reset?

    if it does, then what we have here is yet another flagrant abuse of the patent system
  • fuzzion
    Something is not right here....hmmmm
  • iniudan
    I am pretty sure Nintendo does that since the 80s, but the only successful one outside of Japan was the RAM expansion of the N64.
  • Fokissed
    iniudanI am pretty sure Nintendo does that since the 80s, but the only successful one outside of Japan was the RAM expansion of the N64.Or the Sega 32X. Or the Sega Mega-CD...
  • iniudan
    FokissedOr the Sega 32X. Or the Sega Mega-CD...
    I would like to notice that I only named one that was successful outside of Japan...

    Else want a modem for your NES ?
  • susyque747
    What ever MS, don't want your crapbox 360 or your next crapbox. I'll stick with playing free online and being able to play Blue Ray movies too.
  • f-14
    my pc kicks xboxes butt EVERYDAY why would i want a toy made for small children when i've got this? i'm not 12!
  • hate machine
    Read this, was hoping to hear something about upgrade-able parts in their next console. Son I am disappoint.
  • gogogadgetliver
    A 12 year old understands that other people have valid opinions.

    Why an X-box?
    It costs 1/2 of the graphics card I just purchased and I've gone through many such upgrades during the life of the 360.
    You can sit down in a more social setting with others in the living room.
    It accomplishes what you can do on a PC (say watch Huluplus, Skype, Play music) without the technical hassle of hooking a PC up to an entertainment system. It also boots and gets on task in a fraction of the time.
    It has a Kinect sensor so you can say "xbox, pause" when you need to get more popcorn.

    Don't be an elitist PC gamer. I game more on PC but it's not that hard to see why I also have an Xbox.
  • Gin Fushicho
    JacekRingDo you realize what site you are posting on? 80% of the males that read this site haven't had a social life beyond WOW, EQ2 or AoE for like 10 years. The closest they have been to having a girlfriend is the guy who was pretending to be a girl on WOW.btw: I'm not in that 80%, I'm married have a kid on the way. Haven't played any MMO's in like 8 years.
    Does a Boy Friend count?