Torrent Site Mininova Removes Pirated Materials

Is the age of BitTorrent coming to a critical bend? It certainly seems so, as the PirateBay has taken down its tracker for good, and now we learn that Mininova is going legit.

"Today is an important day in the history of Mininova," the site admins wrote last week in a blog. "From now on, we are limiting to our Content Distribution service. By doing so, we comply with the ruling of the Court of Utrecht of last August."

Mininova is referring to ruling last summer when a judge ordered the site to remove all copyright infringing links within three months or else face up to €5 million in penalties.

"Unfortunately the court ruling leaves us no other option than to take our platform offline, except for the Content Distribution service," the admins wrote.

Interestingly, Mininova launched its Content Distribution service in 2007, which it calls a success. While it hasn’t been a mass market success for mainstream content producers, Mininova names Dutch band Silence is Sexy as one who has released a complete album on the torrent site and received the Interactive Award 2009 for its use of the distribution method.

Despite that, it doesn’t seem that Content Distribution is the sole future business model for Mininova.

"We are still considering an appeal at this moment," the side administrators stated.

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  • The_Blood_Raven
    mlopinto2k1That is PRECISELY MY POINT. How hard is it to get across that IT IS ILLEGALLLLLLLLLL. Jesus H Christ!

    You don't get it, 150 years ago it was illegal for most african americans to own land in the U.S., while 100 years ago it was legal for a factory owner to order the massacre of it's workers because they refused to work in inhumane conditions, 50 years ago it was illegal for a black man to piss in the same toilet as a white man, but 8 years ago, and still today, it is legal for the U.S. government to spy on it's citizens, arrest them on a hunch, and deny them a trial by peers regardless of what the constitution says on said hunch. And that is only in the U.S.

    Please, please, please, please tell me that all of that is justified because some bureaucratic hypocritical politicians said that it was illegal or legal to do so. I fucking dare you.

    Don't compare "pirating" to any form of illegal activity, especially anything on the level of terrorists in Pakistan, because it is only wrong because some fools being paid by RIAA and MIAA lobbyists say so. It has been proven time and time again that "pirating" has had either a negligible or even a positive impact on the music, movie, and video game industries.

    Would you kindly get your head out of your ass, or better yet just go away. Actually I apologize for singling you out, this also applies to anyone with similar beliefs as yours.
  • sylvia648
    mlopinto2k1Well, we all know that this is inevitable, right? I mean, allowing the distribution of pirated material is just like Pakistan harboring terrorists. Plain and simple.

    I hope this was sarcastic or you are the dumbest person on the planet?
  • CoryInJapan
    You guys talk as if Piratebay is dead...They simply went from old(tracker) to new(w/e it was called) to track torrents...Its still alive and well.

    BTW Mininova sucked anyways.Most people go to private trackers anyways.
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  • jhansonxi
    BitTorrent is not a good choice for piracy. It was never designed to be anonymous.
  • mlopinto2k1
    Well, we all know that this is inevitable, right? I mean, allowing the distribution of pirated material is just like Pakistan harboring terrorists. Plain and simple.
  • bison88
    Mininova took a crap a long time ago, early this year like February when they started deleting peoples torrents and that didn't get mentioned or covered one bit but by inner circles. They sold out a long time ago, long before the court ruling. Don't let this trick you.