Case-Mate Reveals BlackBerry 10 Cases Ahead of Launch

With Research in Motion set to unveil some new BlackBerry 10 superphones on January 30, Case-Mate decided to get the party started early by showing off its lineup of cases this week at the Consumer Electronics Show.

At a glance, these eight cases look like they're geared for the iPhone 5 -- even the cut-out for the rear camera share the same shape. In fact, Case-Mate already makes iPhone 5 cases in these designs, including the mix of wood and metal bumpers, leather flip and glossy plastic. Though we didn't have a ruler to measure the exact dimensions of these BB10 cases, but they look to share the same slim shape as the iPhone 5.

We had to look very closely before we noticed the sides feature much larger rectangle-shaped holes than cases for the iPhone 5, which has circular volume buttons. 

Case-Mate reps assured us that these are legitimate accessories for the yet-to-be-released device and we tend to believe them as the launch date for BB10 is so close we can almost smell it. We'll find out soon enough.

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  • dozerman
    Up there with "but will it play crysis" now is "uh oh, rounded corners. I smell a lawsuit!L" that being said, I will still endulge and say that this looks incredibly similar to the iphone's cases. At this point, rim is weak enough to be killed by one good sized lawsuit, but has an awesome enough product to really threaten to sevierely hurt apple. I think apple, feeling threatened, is going to try their best to sue them just like they attacked samsung. Here's to hoping rim makes enough in the meantime to defend themselves.