World’s Smallest USB EVDO Modem

Looking for a ‘small’ EVDO solution for your notebook or netbook? Novatel delivers with its MC760 Ovation USB Modem. Effectively being the smallest currently available USB EVDO solution.

The MC760 provides more than just EVDO with built in GPS, integrated MicroSD slot, and dual-band antenna system for those areas of the outer rim with low/poor signal. The addition of the MicroSD slot is definitely both interesting and handy – supporting MicroSD flash cards up to 8GB, users can access the storage while using both the EVDO and GPS functions all at once.

The built in GPS is also a great feature addition for those that are mobile quite frequently. The GPS is standard and will work with pretty much any GPS supported mapping software. Even Google Earth, with the aid of some third party software. The only feature the MC760 is missing, which would have been really nice, is Bluetooth support – although not entirely important, still would have been a really nice feature – making this device even more untouchable.

The MC760 is expected to be commercially available this quarter through many of Novatel Wireless’s tier-one operator customers – Verizon and Sprint.

Quoting the investor site for Novatel, we find the following information:

SAN DIEGO, Nov 10, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Novatel Wireless, Inc. (NASDAQ: NVTL), a leading provider of wireless broadband solutions, today announced the continued evolution of its USB product line with the introduction of the Ovation™ MC760 Micro Modem. The MC760 is the world’s smallest EVDO Rev. A USB modem, weighing less than an ounce and measuring just over two inches long.

The MC760 supports all computing devices equipped with Type A USB ports, including most desktops and notebooks, to provide instant mobile broadband access anywhere a cellular signal is available. With out of the box support for a variety of operating systems, including Windows® (Vista, XP, 2000), Mac® and Linux, the MC760 enables users to surf the Internet, check email and access important business documents with speeds faster than most cable or DSL connections.

With numerous standard features, including on-board GPS, the MC760’s durable design includes an integrated microSD™ slot, capable of storing up to 8GB of files, videos or music with the use of a hot-swappable SD storage card (sold separately). The MC760 features an advanced internal dual band antenna system that includes diversity for enhanced performance on network fringe areas. The MC760 also features a service status LED indicator that displays the device’s connection status. Mobilink™ Lite Connection Manager Software is included to simplify set-up and navigation through the MC760’s vast feature set.

The Ovation MC760 will be commercially available this quarter through a variety of Novatel Wireless’s tier-one operator customers.

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  • JonnyDough
    Who cares? If that's a real picture of it then it isn't much smaller than the Sierra Wireless AirCard 595U that I already have. Furthermore, mine is hinged so that it doesn't have to stick out quite so far.