ASRock Wants the Best Mobo Ideas in the World

Get your ideas in, because it's the last day to enter!

Motherboard engineers try to make the hardware that they think will be most attractive to users – but despite their best efforts, they aren't telepathic.

For that reason, ASRock would like to hear from YOU about what you want in your next motherboard?

We'd like for you to tell us what sorts of board features/capabilities are currently important to you and what's on your wishlist for your next-generation build.

Even if some of the features you want don't exist yet, we're sure that ASRock's engineers would like to hear about what the best of you can dream up.

As a token of appreciation, ASRock will award the top four best answers with one of X58-Extreme6, P55-Extreme4, 890FX-Deluxe4, and 890GX-Extreme4 motherboards. (Read more about these motherboards here.)

All you have to do is register an account with our forums and post your ideas in the comments below. ASRock will review all the submissions and will be picking the best one in two weeks' time.

This contest will close on at the end of September 30, 2010, so make sure that you get your ideas in before then!

This contest is solely sponsored by ASRock Inc. Bestofmedia LLC USA has no responsibility for the contest, including judging the contest, providing the prizes, transmitting prizes to winners or reporting receipt of the prizes to appropriate governmental taxing agencies.

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  • ruili
    Strip It! Simplify! I want a motherboard designed for those of us that embrace new technology. I want to see the first motherboard with no legacy crap on it. No IDE(pata), floppy, serial, VGA/D-sub, firewire(its dead jim), PCI, PS2 ports. I want 1 bloody video port standard! Somebody just pick one already! I won't buy another MB with 3 different video ports! I want USB 3. Work with AMD and get that crap stripped from the chipsets too. There has got to be some performance advantage to not have chipsets and motherboards designed around legacy junk tech. People who don't want to upgrade away from 10 year old CRTs, IDE CD burners and their massive collection of porn on 3.5" floppies have plenty of motherboards to choose from already.
    (A real sound chip would be nice too)
  • DrClaw
    A motherboard that has a utility built into the Bios to stress test your components. This would enable OCers to test their settings without having to constantly boot in their full OS. The UI for this stress test could also display pertinent information like voltages and temperatures.
  • ZaKa
    Integrated mini-SSD onboard to install the OS.
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  • qitupx
    I would like to see a motherboard where all the slots and sockets light up to make it easier to remove and replace parts; a common task of an enthusiast.
  • goalguy876
    Replace screwing the motherboards in with some kind of locking mechanism. This would require the case to be compatible too though. It would make it a lot easier to install new heatsinks/video cards/processors etc.
  • dovair
    I would like to see the power conections on the mother board on there side like sata conec tions and on the side where the cpu is to help with cable managment