MSI Teases Mini-ITX Z87 Gaming Mobo, Mini-ITX GTX 760

MSI likes teasing us. In fact, it likes it so much that it keeps dropping hints and ques on its Facebook page, and taking a nice amount of time to get to the actual reveal. Well, fortunately this time it has given us a number of details that we've all been waiting for.

MSI has posted images of its Z87I Gaming AC motherboard, as well as its GTX 760 Gaming OC ITX graphics card. Both of these products are Mini-ITX (oriented), though they still have some pretty impressive features.

The Z87I Gaming AC features, as its name indicates, the Z87 chipset, and MSI has added a number of its own typical features. These include Military Class 4 components as well as Killer E2200 NIC Ethernet along with Audio Boost technology for its 7.1 channel audio. The board also features two DDR3 DIMM slots as well as AC-WiFi.

Next up, the GTX 760 Gaming OC ITX is a custom GTX 760 which remarkably looks like the DirectCU Mini GTX 760 from Asus. It features an extra-short PCB, a single 8-pin PCIe power connector, and takes up two slots.

Sadly, there was no word on when either of the products would be coming to market.

Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • lp231
    Is there anything else that can be done to make that video card look different than the Asus GTX 760 DirectCU mini?
    Both cards are making to the standards width of a itx board at 6.7" (17cm or 170mm).
    It uses dual slot as everyone other card is using. Should MSI use a different shape fan like oval or triangular just to make it look different? lol
  • jtd871
    It's good for MSI to be providing competition to ASUS in the sff GPU category. I wish more manufacturers (hell - even AMD/Nvidia) would get more creative about engineering their cards for smaller form factors.

    Given that current waterblocks can reduce the slot width of even the highest-end card to a single slot, imagine a watercooled GPU with the block mounted between 2 PCBs that make up a complete high-end GPU. That could reduce the overall length of the card and still stay within 2 slot widths.

    Probably won't happen, though, as I think there's still only the Poseidon card that even comes with "factory" watercooling...but we can dream, right?!
  • Zeh
    I think the fast cycle between gpu generations limits what manufacturers can do, and how creative they can get. By the time you can get a good, innovative idea, the next generation will be on your doorstep already.
  • clonazepam
    Well, there's a million things that could be done, but then you'd have to warranty it, and support it.

    Must be gearing up for diy steam boxes? That's more and more exactly what I want to give birth to after the new year. i love this form factor, because I can build something that fits on a book shelf, and leaves room for a wii.
  • vmem
    Bundle a nice case with that MSI... most mini-ITX cases are either extra long or extra wide to accommodate a gaming class GPU.
  • edogawa
    This isn't a bad board, but it's a bit late to the game.

    I just built a small HTPC/NAS with an Asrock Z87E-ITX motherboard, very nice motherboard by the way (especially for the price), and offers everything this board does already and better without the "gaming" branding; it will perform the same I am sure with overclocking if you wanted to go that route for mini-itx.

    On a side note, I certainly thing there will be a shift to mini-itx now with more being put onto the processor itself. A mini-itx PC has everything you need as a gamer or casual user which is quite impressive compared to years ago. Only thing you don't get for a mini itx gaming PC is crossfire/SLI, but a single graphics card can run every game maxed out easily.

    Honestly glad there is a push for more mini itx boards, the day of larger boards or computers is numbered unless your an extreme user.
  • chumly
    I have never had a more frustrating time putting together a mini itx system by myself. My hands are way too big.
  • deadbc77
    Here is a quick look around the board .
  • Shatarupa1
    I think you can try a Biostar mobo as well..
  • Weak1ings
    Any Cube Mini-ITX cases out there? That would make a mini card like this very useful.