Mushkin Latest To Grab A Piece Of Peripherals Market Pie With Carbon KB-001 Keyboard

Yet another OEM known for making products other than peripherals is now making peripherals. At CES 2017, Mushkin teased its first gaming keyboard, the Carbon KB-001.  

It seems the company is going for the high-end with the Carbon KB-001, boasting that it’s made of CNC’d and aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum, and it stated that the PCB is a double fiberglass design. It enjoys a clean-looking top panel design, and on each side there’s a pair of red grills for, presumably, feet. There’s a permanent, small wrist rest area--a slope all along the front edge of the keyboard.

The Carbon KB-001 offers RGB lighting, and it appears as though there will be a monochrome variant available. Mushkin stated that the keyboard comes with Kailh Brown switches, and from the renders, it looks like those are standard switches, not clear-chassis RGBs. It’s unclear if other switch options will be available.

Other features on the full size 104-key Carbon KB-001 include n-key rollover, a Windows key lock, and a braided fiber cable.

And that’s about all we know for now. We’ve reached out for more information, but the company has so far neglected our repeated overtures. 

  • JakeWearingKhakis
    Tom's Hardware: Keyboard Authority
  • nycalex
    it's because of all the nerds that want to be cool by showing off a rainbow colored keyboard.
    what is the fetish with these cheap chinese LEDs..........jesus
  • Morellio
    Those raised lips beneath the keys make this one a serious contender. I've killed a few keyboards with spills that this one likely would have survived.
  • RojoNinja
    Kailh switches. Too bad.
  • djsioni
    the happy keyboard