NetBSD 6 Announced With Expanded Processor Support

Version 6.0 adds support for ARM's Cortex-A8 processors, Freescale MPC85xx chips, and basic support for Raspberry Pi as a platform. The developers said that they are planning on fully supporting the Raspberry Pi in a future release.

Also noteworthy is the transition of the data type date_t to a 64-bit quantity, which means that NetBSD no longer assumes that NetBSD's date range is extended beyond 2037.

On the hardware side, the operating system brings support for Intel G35, Intel G45, and Intel 82855GM IGCs, and a driver for driver for OMAP 3xxx on-chip video. NetBSD now supports a total of 57 platforms that use the CPU architectures of Alpha, ARM, PA-RISC, 68k, MIPS, PowerPC, SH3, SPARC, VAX, and x86.

NetBSD 6.0 can be downloaded via FTP or Torrent from the NetBSD website.

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